Sunday, April 19, 2009

April 19, 2009

Breaking Open The Scriptures
We will not be using the lectionary text for the next few Sundays. On April 19th the sermon will be based on Hebrews 12:14-25 Lectionary : Acts:4:32-35, Psalm 133, I John 1:1-2:2, John 20:19-31

For the seven weeks of Easter we will concentrate on the meaning of Resurrection. Why is this an important concept, and why is it unique to the Christian Faith. This concept is the core of our faith, and explains why Jesus the Christ is our Lord and Savior. How do apply these concepts to living in a secular world, where these things no longer make any sense.

Hebrews: We are not only unsure of who wrote this book, we are unsure of who the book was written to. But the author reminds us of the old tenants of faith, and demonstrates how those fundamental beliefs are still valid in the life of Jesus Christ. Our theme for this week is mountain tops.

Acts: Instead of reading a Hebrew Testament reading for the season of Easter, we always read from the book of Acts. This is the story of the formation of the first church. It gives wonderful tips on how to reach out to the world and grow the church. We don’t need a visioning session, we need to read and believe the book of Acts. Our reading for today demonstrates how the first church shared their possessions so that everyone was taken care of
What does Resurrection mean in your life?

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