Saturday, May 9, 2009

May 17, 2009

Psalm 98 This Psalm is designed to help us to remember that God reigns. The message is the fact that justice and righteousness is a part of God’s will for us. God’s love is a desire that all of us are taken care of, personally and as a community. In a troubled world, it is good for us to be reminded of what God has done for us. If we know that we are loved, then we are to sing God’s praises. The greatest version of this psalm is the song “Joy to the World”.

This scripture is a continuation of the message of last week. It continues the theme of God is love, that if we know love, then we know God. And we show that love to others by abiding in God’s love. Jesus has a very personal relationship with God, calling God – Abba or daddy. Often we are taught to have a formal relationship with God. Yet this verse reminds us that God is our friend, going through every step of our life with us. Only a friend who cares, would give life for us.
Questions Are we friends or servants to God? Is God friend or servant to us? How do you know? When John Wesley encourages us to go on to perfection, what does that mean? What does John mean when he says that God gives us perfect love? If salvation and justice are signs of God’s love; How does your knowledge of salvation lead you to do acts of justice for others?

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