Saturday, October 17, 2009

October 25, 2009

Scriptures for October 25th: Job 42:1-6,10-17; Psalm 34:1-8 (19-22); Hebrews 7:23-28;
Mark 10:46-52

Job: We reach the end of our story of Job and the answerable question of evil in the world. In this story everything that Job had was restored and Job was able to go on with the rest of his life with his faith intact. Job invites the community to celebrate his faith with him. How good are we as faithful people as celebrating the restoration of faith of others? Do w wish them well, or are we jealous and upset? God has not given Job any concrete answers of why he needed to go through all of this. But Job realizes that it is not his place to understand God’s plan. It is his place to accept the mysteries of God as a part of life and just move on.

The healing of Bartimaeus is the last healing story in the book of Mark. Jesus will soon complete his journey to Jerusalem. The blind man was considered an outsider, because it was thought that in order to really understand a person’s soul you had to be able to look them in the eye. If Bartimaeus was not able to see- how did he know he was talking to the Son of David? How did he know this was the man who could help him. When Jesus passes by, he stops to ask Bartimaeus what it is that he wants. He asks to be able to see, and his request is granted. Many times we come to God and we want God to just “fix” it. But we have no idea of what we need to get better. Perhaps we should think of our own blindness, before we ostracize others for their blindness.

Questions: Is there a time in your life when you have discovered riches amongst the things you thought you lost? Wisdom and faith come from meeting God in struggle – is that a helpful statement for you? After hearing the story of Job, what questions of faith remain for you? When Jesus ask you what you need – do you have any idea of what to say? What are your blind spots – places you cant see- in your faith life?

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