Sunday, February 5, 2012

February 12, 2012

Scriptures for February 12th – 2 Kings 5:1-14; Psalm 30; 1 Corinthians 9:24-27; Mark 40-45. Theme: How does Jesus heal us? Song: Just As I am – UMH 357 2 Kings: Kings starts not with the family of the first kings of Israel, but with the first prophets. Elijah worked hard to unite the 12 tribes. His protégé did not do a bad job of continuing that work. Elisha’s name is just as well known as Elijah’s. The miracles that Elisha did for his nation are just as impressive. As we read through the gospel of Mark, we will be amazed at Jesus’ ability to heal. But Jesus was not the first healer that God sent to his people. Elisha was also a healer. This is the famous story of Namaan, an Aramean general, who needed healing, no one in his country could help him. When Elisha tells him to bath in the waters of the Jordan, he is reluctant. Yet, Elisha’s faith is enough to get the job done. Where to we go for healing today? Mark: So far, Jesus has healed a demon, a feverish mother in law, and others who have asked. The stakes are raised with this healing, because he touches a leper; someone who the society has ostracized. Those who have been deemed untouchable, Jesus touches and heals. Jesus survives and is okay and so is the leper. So why does Jesus tell him not the tell anyone. Once the secret is out, what is the consequence. Everyone comes to him, and Jesus cannot move freely. Why don’t people flock to Jesus like that today? We would love people to come to church for healing, but what do we offer them in terms of healing? Questions: Where do we go for healing today? What does it mean to be truly healed? How do we treat strangers who come to our country, our city for healing? If Lake Michigan were the only place to get water (and it is), how would we feel about sharing our water with people from other states? Other countries? Who are the outsiders today? How do we extend our trust in healing to others? How does Jesus call us to treat those whom we consider outsiders?

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