Saturday, March 24, 2012

April 1, 2012 - Palm Sunday

Scriptures for April 1st – Mark 11:1-11; Psalm 118:1-2,19-29; Isaiah 50:4-9a; Psalm 31:9-16; Philippians 2:5-11; Mark 14:1-15:47. Theme: Palm/Passion Sunday; Song: When I Survey The Wondrous Cross – UMH 298 Isaiah: This is the description of the suffering servant. Someone who is totally devoted to helping his community, and yet receives no regard for his work. It says that the suffering servant is a teacher, a teacher who takes his instruction from God. But who is intentional in giving people what they need to sustain themselves. What does he get in return – ridicule and shame. But because he has a relationship with God, he is able to be sustained. What better way to acknowledge the passion of Christ, than to understand the example that he was following. He spent his career teaching people and telling them what they needed to know. And he was rewarded by betrayal and cruxificion. And yet we all know that it was God who resurrected him and gave the suffering servant the victory. Philippians: This is thought to be a hymn of the early church. It reminds us that we should be like Christ in our service. He did not elevate himself, neither should we. Jesus did not have to elevate himself, because God chose to elevate him. Since God elevated him, he is indeed worthy of our praise. This is an appropriate scripture for Palm Sunday. It was been a part of church’s reading for this day for ages. This helps us to understand who Christ is for us, but is also helps us to understand God. The mystery of God. The relationship of Jesus to God. Questions: What is the significance of Palm Sunday for us? Are we just like to crowd, acknowledging Christ in public, while in private criticizing him? How can we be an example of a suffering servant in our lives? How do we deal with the criticism? The violence? What does it mean to have the mind of Christ? How does the mystery of God sustain us when we are down?

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