Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 29, 2012

Scriptures For July 29th: 2 Samuel 11:1-15; Psalm 4; Ephesians 3:14-21; John 6:1-21; Jesus provides even for sinful people; Song - Oh Jesus, I have Promised – UMH 396 2 Samuel: We have been following the life of David, we have watched all of the elements that made him king. This story reminds us that, no matter how faithful we are, we are in danger of sinning. It is not always our character, it is the position that we are put into. David started out as a modest shepherd, and became a very spoiled king. Once he got to the point where he could have anything that he wanted, he decided he wanted someone else’s wife. He was not able to overcome that sin. This is the man who wrote, create in me a clean heart O God. But this sin followed him the rest of his life. God reminds us that even though we are forgiven, we cannot overcome the consequences of our actions. Most of the time that is punishment enough. David goes on the life a good life, but not necessarily a happy life. John: The feeding of the 5000 is such an important story that is it included in all gospels. We have been studying Mark. Last week we leave off with Jesus taking his disciples aside for a rest. But the people are in need. The need to be fed. Jesus feeds them with the word of God, but he also gives them food. There is a saying which says that sometimes the gospel is a full belly. In order for people to listen to the gospel, they have to be fed first. This also shows us the beginnings of our communion, where Jesus gives himself as bread and drink. So that we can see that we are spiritually fed. We are called to continue that mission. Jesus tells the disciples to feed the people, and they use what they have. It is the presence of the Holy Spirit who takes what we have and makes it enough to feed even 5000 faithful followers. Questions: What do we do to stay holy when we are surrounded by sin everyday? How do we ask for God to create a clean heart in us? What consequences of sin are you still living with? If power corrupts us spiritually, when needs to be done to handle power? Have you witnessed the increase of the Holy Spirit in your efforts to feed others? Have you ever been spiritually hungry? How did Christ make sure you were fed? Why do you think this is such an important story?

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