Saturday, September 29, 2012

October 7, 2012

Scriptures For October 7th: Job 1:1,2:1-10; Psalm 26; Hebrews 1:1-4, 2:5-12; Mark 10:2-16 Theme: World Communion Sunday; Song: A Charge to keep I have – UMH 413 Job: We continue our journey into the exploration of wisdom literature. Job is perhaps the most well known example of wisdom. Job is a story that we can all relate to. We have all been touched by health issues, but money issues, and issues of our family being affected by problems of life. We have all at one time of another wanted to question why God is doing this to us, at the same time that we are trying to hold onto our faith. Theodicy is the study of what do we do when bad things happen to good people. Job goes through two sets of test. In the introduction, God is talking with Satan (the accuser) and he asks if he has considered the faith of Job. He gives Satan permission to take away everything from Job, except his life. Satan takes his family, his wealth, everything except his wife. The second affliction is a sickness – his wife remains. As Job sits mourning for himself, his friends tell him to blame this all on God. That does not seem right for Job. So he has to have his own conversation with God in order to get a better understanding. Hebrews: Who is this book written to? Who is the author of this book? We are not sure, but we can use the message that he has given to us. Hebrews helps us to understand who Jesus Christ is – especially in light of our faith. Jesus is ruler of all Jesus is not just someone to love, Jesus is someone to respect. He does not just rule our life, he rules all of life. We are reminded that the faithful have a pretty high place on the spectrum. He says that we are a little lower than the angels. God thinks very highly of those who follow his son. When we are faithful, we can almost be put on the level of Christ. We are his brothers and sisters. Hebrews teaches us about Christ, but it also teaches us about ourselves, and the investment that God has in us. But we have to put Christ as the center of our lives, or we are nothing much to ourselves, to Christ or to God. Questions: What test have you gone through that have really tested your faith? What did you say to God? How did you come to realize that God really loved you? How supportive were your friends during this time? Is there anything that can happen to you that would make you doubt God? How is Jesus the ruler of your life? How is Jesus the ruler of those who do not even believe in God? What does it mean to be a little less than the angels in heaven? What responsibility does that give you if God thinks so highly of you?

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