Saturday, May 10, 2014

May 18, 2014 Fifth Sunday of Easter

Scriptures for May 18th: Acts 7:55-60; Psalm 31:1-5, 15-16; 1 Peter 2:2-10; John 14:1-14; Theme: We are chosen by God; Song: His Eye is on the Sparrow FWS 2146 1 Peter: The bishop Peter is trying to demonstrate to the church community what it means to be a Christian. I know that I seem to say that each scripture that we deal with is one of my favorite. This is my favorite message of the bible – that we are special. All who have been baptized are a part of God’s family. God is royalty, Jesus is royalty and so are we. We are special, and God gives us a special grace. But that does not mean that it is time to rest on our laurels and expect to be saved. God rolls out the red carpet for us, so that we can roll out the red carpet for others. That royalty comes with a responsibility. We have a responsibility to be witnesses to God to those who don’t know God. We acknowledge how we are sinners, and how God has brought us through. When we tell others about our life, we tell them about the goodness of God. We invite them to be a part of God’s royal family also. John: Jesus is saying goodbye to his disciples. He has taught them all that they need to know, and now he must prepare them to do without him. This is a part of Jesus farewell speech after the Passover. He shows them what it means to be a servant. He was a servant of God’s will, and they should be a servant of him. Being at the top means no so much getting accolades, but having the humility to give accolades. Jesus us indeed showing them the face of God in his actions. They ask how to see God, and he says that God is in his actions, his love, his devotion. When we are the face of Jesus to others, then they too are able to see God through us. Our power is given to us by Christ himself. And if we ask Christ to be with us in our service, he always will. Jesus is in a place prepared for us that we cannot follow, but Jesus is always with us to do the right thing. Questions: What is it that makes you special? How do you feel special in the presence of Christ? Why is Jesus special to us? Does being special make a difference in your life? Just because you are special, are you better than others? How do you have to confidence to help those who can’t return the favor? How do you witness to others? Just because people are mean to you, does that mean that God does not love them? Sunday

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