Sunday, December 11, 2016

December 18, 2016

Breaking Open the Scripture Scriptures for December 18th: Isaiah 7:10-16;Psalm 80: 1-7,17-19; Romans 1:1-7; Matthew1:18-25; Theme: Dare to Dream; Song: 240 Hark the Herald Angles Sing Isaiah: This is the time of year that we start to look at messages from God. We want to know how things are going to change. The bible says that we should not get stuck on signs, but that is all that we can think of. We want some sign, that things are about to get better. The signs are all around us. God is always present in our lives, God is always working to bring about the world that he intended. God himself gave Ahaz a sign that things were getting better-a baby would be born, and the baby would be named Emmanuel - meaning God is present. The child will grow and learn as any other baby, but he will do special things as he grows. And eventually, you will see that it was God who bought you through all along. Matthew: Matthew is the only gospel where the birth of Jesus is portrayed. This story starts with a dream. Joseph could have stopped all of this. He could have put Mary on the street when he found out she was pregnant. But he had a dream where an angel told him to be understanding. Perhaps he had studied Isaiah in bible study that night,where he learned that salvation comes through a child. This was some story that Mary told. She did not mess with another man, she was pregnant by the Holy Spirit. What would have happened if Joseph did not get his own message? How would the world be different. Where would our hope be, how could have think of anything ever changing? We can be grateful that God has a way of leading us and telling us what his will is. We just have to learn to listen to your dreams. Questions: How do you know that God is present in your life? What messages has God given you in your dreams? How do you live the Christmas story today? What hope do you have as you see all of the new babies coming into the world? What promise will they bring? Do you believe in miracles? What miracles have been present in your life?

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